P.N. Lebedev Physical Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences

Подразделения - Gas Lasers Laboratory
Staff list / grid
Ionin Andrey Alekseevich , Professor, Doctor of Science (Physics and Mathematics)

The Laboratory of Gas Lasers (LGL) was founded by Nobel Prize winner Academician N.G. Basov in the early 1980s for studies of the physical principles of high-power laser systems for industry and for defence tasks. Staff members of the Laboratory participated in the development of a megawatt-class CO2 laser [P.V. Zarubin, Laser weapons: myth or reality? High-power lasers in the USSR and in the world (Vladimir: Transit-Iks JSC, 2009)], and CO2 and CO lasers of average-power ~10–30 kW for industry. Major lines of research by the LGL are  molecular lasers, excimer lasers, atomic transition lasers, and interaction of radiation with matter.
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