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Sibeldin Nikolai Nikolaevich
Corresponding member of RAS, Doctor of Science (Physics and Mathematics)
Moscow The main building 267
Division of Solid State Physics Moscow The main building 267
Member of the Board
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Main results

Direct observation of the droplets of electron-hole liquid (EHL) by the light scattering method has been made over a considerable part of the EHL existence region in germanium; size and concentration of the droplets, surface tension coefficient of EHL have been measured (1973-1976).

Drag of excitons and EHL droplets (EHDs) by phonon wind has been found experimentally. Main mechanisms of generation of phonon wind have been established. It has been found that drag effects have significant influence on the kinetics of condensation and determine the size and shape of an exciton-droplet cloud (1975-1994).

It was found that pulses of first and second sound can be excited in liquid helium on a semiconductor surface under optical pumping and as a result of EHD annihilation. It has been established by space-time measurements of the diffraction of light that pulses of the first sound are low intensity shock waves (Mach numbers less than 1.02) (1979-1994).

Magnetically stabilized EHL has been found in semiconductors. In indium antinonide, the EHL is stable in fields higher than 20kOe. Its density and binding energy as well as the work function of excitons in EHL increase as the field intensity increases (1982-1997).

It has been established experimentally that formation of magnetically stabilized exciton-impurity complexes in semiconductors is possible at the centers that cannot bind an exciton in the absence of the field (1982-1994).

Localized exciton states formed from above-barrier electron states have been found in quantum wells of type I heterostructures (1999).

Strong (up to 40% deep) photomodulation of resonance light scattering spectra has been found in the region of exciton transitions in quantum wells, which is related to the formation of charged exciton complexes (trions) (2002).


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