P.N. Lebedev Physical Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences

Vinogradov Alexander Vladimirovich
Professor Doctor of Science (Physics and Mathematics)
X-ray Optics Laboratory Moscow building N1 251
Journal of Russian Laser Research Editorial board Moscow building N1 251
Member of the Board
Member of the Board building N1



Date of Birth: August 18, 1941

Doctor of Science Degree defended in 1978 in Lebedev Physical Institute,
title: "The theory of atomic elementary processes and the X-ray spectra of laser produced plasma",
Candidate of Science Degree (Ph.D. equivalent) defended in 1969 in Lebedev Physical Institute,
title:"Impact parameter method in the theory of electron-atom collisions"

Expertise: Soft X-ray optics and X-ray imaging, X-ray lasers, atomic physics, wave propagation and wave phenomena, scattering theory and diffraction

1964-1970 - Lebedev Physical Institute, engineer, research scientist in Spectroscopy Division.
1974-1978 - Lebedev Physical Institute, Scientific Secretary of the Institute
1978-1982 - Lebedev Physical Institute, Deputy Director
1970-1998 - Lebedev Physical Institute, senior scientist, chief scientist
1999 -present - Lebedev Physical Institute, Deputy Director of the Institute of Quantum Radiophysics
1991, State Prize winner in science and Technology for the collection of works on X-Ray optics

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